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Alison offers over 4000 free online courses across nine distinct categories. The types of courses across the categories include: Certificate Courses, and Diploma Courses. Certificate courses include an abundance of subjects, such as: languages, media studies, journalism and public relations, health and fitness, business studies, computer programming and networking, and many more! Our Diploma courses span a variety of professional subjects, such as: workplace safety and health, business management and entrepreneurship, food safety, nursing and patient care, customer service, and much more!

Topics :

social_media_skills | skills_related_to_applying_digital_hardware_technologies_such_as_a_virtual_reality_

Requirements & prerequisites 

No prerequisites A computer with access to Internet

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Target audience :

vet_tourism_educators/trainers/teachers | vet_students_studying_tourism_and_hospitality | individuals_interested_in_learning_more_about_the_tourism_and_hospitality_industry_

Vocational skills

cooks | waiters | hotel_receptionists | other

Level of proficiency 


Vocational skills 

cooks | waiters | hotel_receptionists | other


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