URL of the web site : https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage/course/digital-marketing

Description : This free course, accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University, allows you to master the fundamentals of digital marketing. Developed by Google trainers, this course comprises 26 modules that provide practical exercises and real-world examples. By engaging with the course content, you can seamlessly transform your knowledge into actionable strategies

Topics : Social media skills

Requirements and prerequisites : No prerequisites, a computer with access to Internet

Country / Language : English

Target audience :

  • VET tourism educators/trainers/teachers  
  • VET students studying tourism and hospitality   
  • Professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry seeking to improve their skills   
  • Individuals interested in learning more about the tourism and hospitality industry

Vocational skills :  

  • Cooks   
  • Waiters   
  • Hotel receptionists

Level of proficiency : Online course – Modules

Format : Online courses/modules

Licence type : Other than CCL or GNU

Additional comments : Upon completing the Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course, you will have the opportunity to download your digital marketing certificate directly from the course landing page. This certificate serves as a testament to your successful completion of the course and your proficiency in digital marketing fundamentals.

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