URL of the web site : https://www.edx.org/course/create-and-style-a-simple-web-page-with-html-and-css

Description :

  • Use CSS to modify the font family and font size of HTML text
  • Use CSS to modify the colors and apply borders to HTML elements

Topics : Website development skills

Requirements and prerequisites : Access to a web browser and basic computer skills

Country / Language : English

Target audience :

  • VET tourism educators/trainers/teachers  
  • VET students studying tourism and hospitality   
  • Professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry seeking to improve their skills   
  • Individuals interested in learning more about the tourism and hospitality industry   
  • Other

Vocational skills :

  • Waiters
  • Hotel receptionnists
  • Other

Level of proficiency : Basic

Format : Online course

Licence type : Other than CCL or GNU

Additional comments : The course is free and lasts a total of 16 hours (1 hour per week for 4 months).

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